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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Celebrities invest in their appearance to stay longer in the industry. Most of them resort to plastic surgery to keep them looking younger and stay beautiful. Unfortunately, not all plastic surgeries become successful. Some actually go wrong that despite corrective measurements were done; you can no longer bring back your original appearance.

Admit it or not, beauty is a significant aspect of one’s career and similarly, in one’s life. And in the industry of showbiz, beauty is an investment whatever your age is. The popularity of plastic surgery among celebrities has grown over the years. They resort to plastic surgery to maintain their appeal to stay competitive in a world full of many beautiful people. Unfortunately, not all surgery becomes successful. There are many procedures which have gone wrong. As a matter, you can see below several plastic surgery procedures that were done on several celebrities which went bad to worse.

Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox was very active since she began her career during the 1990s. The roles she portrays used to require being hot and beautiful. And just like everybody else, she wants to stay beautiful and sexy. She chose to undergo cosmetic procedures to stop her aging; to stay beautiful, so her career would continuously flourish. Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t do well and it affected her looks that eventually caused her career to decline. Her failed
cosmetic surgery caused the downfall of her career.

Big Ang

The cosmetic procedure that Big Ang underwent turned into a huge disaster. She had the procedure done on her lips and on her bust line. The result was not what she expected. It was so out of the line that it is considered among the worst plastic surgery done on a celebrity. She looked really awful as her looks are now so distorted.

Hunter Tylo

Though Hunter Tylo was already very beautiful, she was not contented and wanted to become more beautiful than she already are. She underwent to plastic surgery to improve her appearance. She did procedures on her bust, lips, cheeks, and nose. Unfortunately, the procedure did not produce results the way they expected it to be. When you compare her old and recent photos, you will see the big difference; sadly, the result turned out for the worse. She now looks unnatural. Gone is the face that once was beautiful.

Heidi Montag

She is believed to have several procedures which include brow lift, bust implants, butt augmentation, nose lift, and liposuction. While she is almost perfectly beautiful, she still felt she could be more than that. And so, she opted for the procedures. Unfortunately, these procedures did not give
desirable results. As a matter of fact, she now regrets having done the procedures. Now her natural beauty went to waste while the cosmetic surgeon who performed on her will forever haunt his career.

Tara Reid

When Tara chose to undergo the procedure on her breasts and stomach, which are not actually so bad, despite what she thinks, she looked ok; at least, until the surgery. After the surgery, her stomach developed wrinkles while her breasts do not look good as they are not balanced. She underwent corrective procedures, but the damage was already done and it is irreversible.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers look really beautiful and amazing. But because of her strong desire to stay beautiful, she got obsessed with many cosmetic procedures. This obsession started in the 1960s. With too many facelifts and excessive Botox injections, she now looks very unnatural and ugly.